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Being “The Best” SEO guy is no easy task, but I am pretty dang good! I focus on being creative with strategy. My true north lies in a passion for an amazing content strategy. I strive to be the best in every area of content creation, conversion rates, and creative marketing concepts. Let me know what I can do to help.

Web Design Strategy

If you are looking for a superior web designer, my company (Front Street Media) and I have almost everything you are looking for. We offer many different core components of a well-designed website that has marketing and conversion rates built in. I absolutely love the design process and creating identities for local business.

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Brenan Greene

Brenan Greene – Designer // Marketer

An Internet Enthusiast and Family Man

Brenan adventure in web design, graphic design and marketing started when he was about 18 years old in 2005 to which has grown into some of the most amazing experiences of his life. In the beginning, the lifestyle was selling local businesses in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Cameron Park and the greater Sacramento area, directory listings on a local website called

His job was simple; sell local businesses a landing page on this directory website and then build their web page to increase local search traffic to their web page which would convert to phone calls and email leads.

The Success of Directory SEO

Selling directory listings on this website quickly turned into a large number of clients whom all had amazing web pages with quality optimized pages. As Brenan started learning the process of building web pages, SEO was still relatively new and he was eager to learn. At that time (2005), there was no real school for SEO or search engine marketing in general so Brenan’s option was to take general web design and web development classes (CSS/ HTML) to speed up the programming aspect behind the Search Engine Optimization process. As the skills started to stack on top of each other, the web pages that Brenan was building on this directory website were ranking #1 before he knew it and clients we extremely happy with all the business they were receiving.

Domain Names & SEO Campaigns

As Brenan’s skills started to outgrow this amazing directory website that influenced him to pursue this amazing opportunity/ career, Brenan began to develop individual websites on client Domain Names and build out full-blown SEO campaigns for a select few clients that were basically test and trial runs. After a couple months, these test SEO campaigns were ranking incredibly well and that’s when Brenan knew he would specialize in web design, website development, social media, graphic design and SEO.

Staying on top of Internet Changes

After watching 100’s of clients go from terrible websites (websites that were done in 1998 and 1999) to the most amazing websites around and stellar SEO marketing campaigns, it gave Brenan a sense of accomplishment. Since developing these websites and building these marketing campaigns out, there has been a large increase in technology and Search Engine Algorithm updates.

Staying up to date with search engine algorithm updates and web technologies is KEY in this industry for staying on top of the competition. There are new platforms being developed on the internet every day for SEO’s and Search Engine Optimization experts to stay ahead of the game and finding the right company is crucial for small-medium sized businesses to succeed.

As the industry changes and technology capabilities increase, Brenan has managed to stay ahead of the competition in every area including SEO, social media, web development, responsive web design and much more. Brenan continues to strive every day, learning new techniques and strategies to increase ROI, conversion rates and much more for his clients.

Front Street Media – Web Design El Dorado Hills

After working as an independent contractor with a local web development company in El Dorado Hills for nearly 7 years, Brenan started Front Street Media of El Dorado Hills to which is growing as the go-to web company in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Granite Bay and the foothills of Sacramento, CA. Front Street Media was created when Brenan saw the need to have an “All in One” company in El Dorado Hills that combined design, SEO, print, and in-house photography.

With all these services in one web design company who specializes in SEO, there is no need to contact 3-5 different companies to create something perfect for a business. Creating the perfect brand and the perfect concept for a business is what this company is all about, put your trust in Front Street Media and rest assured your business will be a success.

Brenan Greene – A Simple Guy who loves Marketing

If you have any question about me or the services my company offers, reach out. Even if you have some general questions about writing compelling content, inbound marketing strategy ideas or places to look for high-quality links, I am more than happy to just talk. If you are looking to contact me, I am always around. Feel free to Tweet me, Facebook me, Google+, find me LinkedIn, or hit us up on Instagram. Connect with me today and let’s make a better future for business growth tomorrow.

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