Analytics & Advanced Segments

Years of Experience with Google Analytics and Advanced Segments for ROI Tracking

The only way to know if your SEO strategy is working is to assess the data and see what results you have created. Google Analytics (GA) is the essential tool that tells you how your site is performing in different areas, so you can keep doing what is working and change what isn’t working to increase conversion rates.

Analytics is great, but advanced segments is the set of fine-tuned tools that can really organize the data in a way you can use to transform your sales from decent to out of this world. Here are some of the advanced segments you need to keep your eye on to really maximize your sales and shoot your revenue through the roof.

Converters by Visit Count

This advanced segment tells you how many visits people make to your site before they convert. Are they signing up or purchasing after they just found your site for the first time? Or do they come back two, three, five, or ten times before they convert? This advanced segment also tells you exactly which pages they are looking at before they convert, so you can see what information they are looking for and which information is convincing them to convert.

Ecommerce Analytics and Segments

Whales are people who spend a lot on your site. If your average sale is $100, your whales are people who are spending $500. This advanced segment tells you what pages your whales are looking at and breaks down their traffic patterns. This lets you optimize your site so that more people are finding this same information, hopefully turning more of your average buyers into bigger sales. I have spent a greater part of my life on Ecommerce SEO campaigns and if you have an Ecommerce store, I can help increase your conversions with Google Analytics and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Screens Narrower than 600 Pixels

This advanced segment lets you see how many people are viewing your site on mobile devices. Responsive web design is absolutely essential because customers who open your site on their phone and find it tiny and impossible to see will click away before they even look.

The more people who are looking at your site on phones, the more you need to really work on optimizing the mobile browsing experience. This advanced segment lets you plan your work most effectively by showing exactly how important mobile browsing optimization is to your specific audience.

I work with advanced segments to get your site the best performance ever. You will be amazed at how your conversion rate increases when you let me optimize your traffic with analytics and advanced segments!

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