Does good Photography Affect SEO?

Does good Photography Affect SEO?

There are many aspects to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and each of these aspects or factors can have an interesting effect on your entire marketing campaign. Let’s talk photography and for the sake of this blog post “photos” in specifics!

Amazing Photography will have an Effect on your SEO

If you are launching an SEO campaign or any type of marketing campaign online, you better be sure you are using good photography and most importantly amazing photography shot of you and your business.

Sure, there are many ways to rank your website number one with iPhone pictures, stock photography and even scanned photos from your photo album. Yes, I have seen it happen. I have had clients come in for an SEO meeting, SEO consultation and say “OK, here is what I have” Really, a photo album from 1998 of over contrasted, dark-shadowed, extremely noisy images that your wife took of your “Feature Projects”.

If you are using mediocre images of your projects on your website or marketing campaign for SEO, you are probably going to get mediocre clients or mediocre prospects.

Photography & SEO

SEO Developers and the Tools of the Trade

When an SEO developer starts and SEO campaign for a local or national campaign, there are a handful of tools in his/ her tool belt that they can pull out, however, the most important tools are usually supplied by the client. If a client comes to an El Dorado Hils SEO company (Front Street Media – El Dorado Hills) with no domain name, no logo, no content and no images, the SEO developer is not going to be very happy. With that being said, any quality SEO developer can pull rabbits out of hats and create everything for that client; stellar domain name, quality content, amazing in-house photography, in-house videography and most importantly the SEO skills to pay your bills.

Why QUALITY Images for SEO?

There are many reasons why an SEO developer uses images and photography in marketing campaigns. Below are my personal list of reasons why any good SEO developer should be using amazing images in your marketing campaign.

  • Quality Photography Reduces Bounce Rate
  • Quality Photography Increases Click Through Rates
  • Quality Photography Display in Search Results
  • Quality Photography Enhance Brand Identity
  • Quality Photography Increase Conversions
  • Quality Photography will Enhance Social Media Presence
  • Quality Photography will Enhance your blog feed
  • Quality Photography will Enhance your Flyers
  • Quality Photography will Enhance your Business Cards

The list can go on and on, however the main point of this message is that once your main images are on the internet, they will represent your brand for years to come. When starting an SEO campaign, an SEO developer will typically have 5 – 10, maybe even 20 – 50 (depending on the size of the campaign) images that they use for the on page seo optimization and off page seo optimization. These core images will be spread across many different platforms, websites, blogs, forums, press release sites, social media, etc. and permanently represent your business.

Photography and SEO Company in El Dorado Hills

It is best if you start off the right way and have a photographer/ website designer or photographer/ web developer or better yet photography/ seo developer (Front Street Media – El Dorado Hills) handle your seo campaign and shoot hundreds of  images for your marketing campaign. At Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills, CA – they offer free photography of three projects and your office location with an SEO marketing campaign. With SEO being so competitive these days it is important to have a company that stands out in the crowd and offers more than just and SEO/ Social campaign or Websites/ SEO deal.

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