Honesty in Your SEO Pitch


Honesty and Transparency in an SEO Pitch is the Best Strategy

Explain everything that your client needs in your SEO pitch

With any SEO pitch, you want to attache a proposal and phase development for how we would approach your Citations, Backlinks, Content Development. However, this is only an overview and the strategy may change after you get deeper into the campaign and start to uncover areas that may be unseen on the surface.

Seeing how your client has already developed content, the citations and backlinks are really going to give them that boost they need. You also need to ensure that your on page SEO efforts have been put into place correctly which you will improve upon.

Explain to your client in your pitch that you will also go through every single page of your content and re-write what you need to and optimize their link structure, internal linking structure, anchor text internal links and header/ meta data among many other items.

Explain to your client in your pitch that you can write content for years; however, if it’s not properly optimized, you will never rank where you want.

Run some overviews and explain it to them

  • https://majestic.com/ (Trust Flow/ Citation Flow/ Topical Flow)
  • https://www.semrush.com/ (Backlinks and Anchor Text)
  • https://moz.com/local (Citations) – Explain to your client in your pitch that if they have any old locations, old phone number or old address information that this needs to be changed. Also explain that they need to increase the amount of citations  they have in RELEVANT sources.
  • PAID BACKLINKS: Explain that they need to start paying for backlinks. Chamber Websites, local directories, etc.

How to Pitch SEO in a Bullet List

  • 100-200+/- Citations (Business listings NAP on directories, etc.)
  • To fix your citations and clean up your NAP data across all these directories.
  • 10-20+/- Targeted Anchor Text Backlinks (Guest Posts, Directories, News Websites, Local Websites, Etc.)
  • To add articles to local relevant sources with backlinks and targeted anchor text “Target Keywords”, Etc.
  • 30-50+/- Targeted Landing Pages that are well optimized to build trust and topical flow.
  • Internal Page Backlinks (instead of just linking to home page)
  • Better Internet Linking/ Anchor Text Structure
  • Better Website Architecture (This explains your website to bots a little more clearly)

This is obviously only scratching the surface for what your clients SEO campaign needs. Tell them that you are more than happy to consult them on a monthly basis for what is needed on-going but the results will never be the same of having an SEO company do this stuff for you.

For on-going consulting, its only $XX a month. This will help and you will get access to our platforms, local websites and local resources for backlinks. However, this does not include writing content or doing any of the heavy lifting in adding your business to local directories for NAP data many of the other strategies.

Another possible strategy You may Pitch

Depending on where their campaign sites, explain that you may buy additional domains that are aged and live from sources like Flippa.com and Domain broker websites. These websites may cost anywhere from $500-$1000 but can be great resources for backlinks and backlinks that you own and control. If there is nothing available, explain that you will push the Guest Posts even harder for local backlinks and relevant backlinks.

Some people may view this a PBN “Private Blog Network” which is frowned upon but if you know how to run them correctly, this is OK. We just drop these domains in a different whois and on different servers.

In any case, I hope this helps explain some of the questions you might have about what your campaign needs.

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