Internet Marketing & SEO FAQ’s

Recently Asked Questions for Brenan Greene – Web Design and SEO expert in El Dorado Hills, CA

Do I offer Business Naming Services?

I am more than happy in discussing a new brand identity for your company. I love talking about business names, business branding and business brand consulting. If you are stuck on deciding between a handful of names or your list is currently blank, we can help you get something amazing started.

Do I offer Expansion of Current Websites?

We can definitely consult with you on marketing strategy, content strategy and better inbound marketing strategy. We are heavy into inbound marketing strategy and proper keyword strategy within local markets and marketing campaigns. If you would like to expand onto your existing website, let me know, I can help.

Do I offer Content Writing Services?

Yes. I absolutely love writing new content and creating new content strategy when it comes to Inbound Marketing. Content writing is more than just creating blog posts full of words. I collaborate with you and your team in finding your strategy, what you are looking to target and how you are looking to achieve new customers. Finding your companies vision and capitalizing on what you are good at is crucial and I will find that.

Do I offer Ad Campaigns (PPC and AdWords)?

We do not focus on AdWords as much as we focus on on-page optimization, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) campaigns and CTR (Click Through Rate) optimization. On top of this, we focus on keywords that have higher conversions, better click through rates and determine which metrics give better opportunity and then funnel out the highly difficult terms. If you are looking for good advice and a brief overview on PPC and AdWords, I can help you out. If you are looking for a good Ad Words Agency, I do not have anyone to recommend at this time.

Do I offer Mailing List Marketing?

Part of the goal with the blog posts is to also have those blast out to my current clients via email.  I think I can benefit me in a few different ways:  I can be in more regular contact with them (some of them I only hear from once/year), I can increase their knowledge, I can ask for referrals more often, and I can also make them more aware of incentives I can give them for sending me business.  For example:  I currently give a client a $50 credit for referring someone that becomes a new client.  I also sent an associate in the area a $50 restaurant gift card for sending me a new small business client.  My best new clients are referrals from existing clients, so I want to develop ways to mine my existing client base as well as pursue new clients via web marketing.

We are proficient in many email platforms and email marketing in general. From MailChimp to Constant Contact, we have seen it all. We can build, design and deploy your newsletter or set them up on drip campaigns tailored to specific markets. This can get rather pricy but another option is to have us consult you on the basics and help you understand how the software works and how to better automate your marketing. Again, it seems like you know more about this stuff than many other small business owners, so you already have a leg up in saving a ton of money.

Do I Offer Target Client Marketing?

My ideal client is a services-based small business who I can perform all of my services for.

If you have multiple services to offer, you may want to start by choosing your highest ROI service, highest converted service and tailor your services from there per your customers needs. Once you have established your highest ROI product or service, you can then start marketing that on any given channel. After you have established your campaign (Tweaked and tailored it until you have your *highest conversion rates) then you move to another product or service until you have perfected that marketing campaign.

Multiple Platform Marketing, What do you recommend?

Multiple Campaigns Being: Facebook, Organic Search, PPC/ AdWords, Etc.

We always recommend to put your money into multiple channels and on multiple platforms to see the best results but every industry is different and we need to discuss your industry. We also discuss your goals and what you are looking to accomplish in the next 6 months, 1, 3 and 5 years. This is before we recommend any one specific campaign on any one specific channel or platform.

Blog, Blogging and Content Marketing – Where do I Start?

I would like to start writing blog posts periodically. I’m thinking once/month max, as I don’t want the editorial process to consume too much billable time during the month.

We have an awesome content writer and an amazing content development process that includes everything from strategy to development and custom graphic design integration that are unique to each post. Blogging as a service is a very high demand service as Google’s (and other search engines) love content. When search engines are scrolling through website data, they prefer that you have quality over quantity; however quality and quantity are even better. If you have any questions about content marketing, content strategy or blogging as a service, give me a call. I can help.