Strategic Link-Building Techniques

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There are hundreds of different types and style of backlinks. Each of them serve their purpose and having a wide variety of backlinks is crucial for your online success. 

Search engines look for links to prove your relevancy and value to audiences. You need to link out to other sites, and you need other sites to link to you. But how do you get those valuable backlinks, and how do you build your links without looking like you’re using black hat techniques?

Guest post links

Guest post links can be one of the best was to get backlinks. You get another site to host your post, you include a link to your site in the signature, and voila! You have a high quality back link. Include a couple of high quality links to other sites within your post to improve the quality of your own back link, and make sure to follow guest posting etiquette to create a positive relationship with the other site where you are posting.

Forum links

Including links in forum discussions is another good way to get links to your site. Just make sure that you are contributing to discussions and not spamming.

Comment links

Commenting on other blogs with a link back to your site can increase traffic and generate good back links to your site. Again, don’t ever spam. Make sure that your comments are relevant to the conversation and help you build a good reputation.

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