SEO PowerSuite AMP Case Study Shows Low Adoption

SEO PowerSuite AMP Case Study Shows Low Adoption Rates by SEO’s

AMP Case Study Powersuite

Recently, SEO PowerSuite did a study on AMP and the adoption rate and implementation of the new technology from SEO’s and web developers. The case study and survey showed that 75% of SEOs expressed some awareness of AMP, with 18% saying they had deeply researched it. What does this mean? Not that many developers and SEO’s are implementing AMP into their websites at this time. SEO PowerSuite also did a portion of the survey that explained how many SEO’s and web developers thought that AMP would have a significant impact on SEO and website performance.

Fifty percent of respondents expect AMP to significantly affect their rankings in mobile search results. Another 45 percent of those surveyed believe AMP is likely to have a slight to moderate effect on search rankings, even if they were not previously aware of the new protocol — no doubt a reflection of Google’s overwhelming dominance in search.

With roughly 23% percent of SEO’s using AMP in their sites or client websites, there is still plenty of developers that need to implement this technology. I am sure, down the road, we will see more and more developers and SEO’s getting into the AMP technology, but for now, it seems to be lacking implementation.

Most SEO’s are always looking for a way to rank better in the search engines. With this being said, there are many new developers, content writers and publishers adopting this technology and already seeing tremendous results.

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