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If you are looking for a Social Media Management Company in El Dorado Hills you have come to the right place. Brenan Greene El Dorado Hills specializes in all aspects of Social Media Management and Social Media Strategy. There are many different aspects of Social Media to consider when starting any social campaign. Below are some key points to consider before starting a social media marketing campaign. If you know that social media is for you, go ahead, get started, just be consistent.

Social Media Management El Dorado Hills

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

1. Social Media Should not be your Only Marketing

When looking into social media, it may be extremely appealing, after all its free right? Well, not really. When you don’t get the results you want from a social media campaign after a couple months, you start leaning on their paid marketing platforms which are all pretty good. The efforts that you put into your social media campaign are going to have a direct impact on how much feedback you receive from potential clients and prospects. If you focus 100% of your time of Facebook for a week and then alternate with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and linkedIn, you are sure to lose with Social Media. The key in Social Media Management and Strategy is understanding which platforms to utilize and keeping all of your feeds consistently updated.

2. Social Media takes Time!

Be prepared to spend hours at your computer updating all your Social Media profiles if you want to be a Social Media winner. Not only do you have to update your profile status, you need to connect with people. This is where companies usually miss out. Connecting with other companies is HUGE in the Social Media world. Crack some jokes, make fun of people (in a joking way), constantly complement people, etc. Once you start networking socially, you will have spent 6 hours, 38 minuets and 22 seconds of your time “Making Friends” in hope that they will one day do business with you. Be prepared for not a lot to happen right away.

3. Know your Industry

Understanding your industry is very important with Social Media. What works for you may not work for another industry with Social Media. There will be certain Social Media websites that work for you and some that simply don’t. Consulting with Social Media company in El Dorado Hills will ensure that you are not “Spinning you Wheels” and wasting time posting on a Social Media website that wont bring you anything.

4: Professionalism/ Humor/ Heart is Key

As previously mentioned, connecting with people is very important with Social Media. The whole basis of social media is connecting with people and if you are not reaching out to people, you are basically talking to yourself, and that makes you look pretty weird. If you are using your professional opinion on someone else matter, you are going to win. If you make a joke with someone else about their personal matter, you are going to win. If you comment and connect with someone else by using your heart and true feelings, you are going to win.

5. Socialize your Website

Get your website ready for true social performance and you will surely succeed in this arena. Socializing your website is going to take a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in that you will need to design, develop and create pages of content, infographics and media content that people want to share. We noticed a website the other day that had “Pin It” buttons all over an Artificial Grass website and I thought to my self, seriously? No one wants to pin a picture of artificial grass. There was no now-to, DIY, features of, benefits from or tutorials, just pictures of grass (BOOORRRING). Socializing your website is key to proper Social Media Management.

Watching your Online Reputation

  • Considering that almost 90% of online users engage in social media, up 80% from a year ago, businesses need to be aware of their online reputation. Social media has given businesses consumer insight like never before.
    Why monitor social media? Consumers are turning to social media for guidance on purchasing decisions
  • If you’re not monitoring your online reputation, you could be losing business without realizing it.
  •  60+ percent read online reviews before making a purchase
  • 70+ percent researched online for information regarding brands and services
  • 83+ percent indicated that online reviews influenced their purchasing decision

There are social media monitoring services, You can use this to give you an insight on your consumers. I will be the first one to tell you “you need this” What else can do this for you ? Its called SEO & Social Media Management and every business needs this. “Wal-Mart pays a team of people a combined salary of over 2,000,000 for Social Media Management”

  • Collect online conversations about your company and brand
  • Learn what people are saying about your competitors
  • Gauge customer satisfaction and reputation more effectively
  • Track online marketing campaigns effectively
  • Analytical reports provide additional information about your consumers

As social media continues to have an impact on consumers, monitoring online your company’s online reputation becomes a necessity that you can’t afford not to do.

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