Should you use Stock Photography for your SEO campaign?

Stock Images Vs Photography

Stock Photography for SEO?

We see it all the time in the SEO world where SEO developers will use a handful of stock photography images to create a website and marketing campaign for a local or even sometimes national campaign. Stock photography has its place in the world and not every SEO/ Web Developer out there can pick up a canon dlsr and start shooting in manual/ raw to truly make your campaign stand out above the rest.

Should you use Stock Photography for your SEO campaign?

If you or a Web Design company in El Dorado Hills is starting a marketing campaign online, whether it be a brand identity marketing campaign, social media campaign, brand management campaign or a true organic SEO campaign, images are extremely important. The question of whether or not to use stock photography for SEO really comes down to what you have at your disposal. If stock photography is all you have access to as a Web/ SEO developer than go ahead and start your campaign with Stock Photography.

The images and photography of your marketing campaign are going to represent you on every web channel that exist; blogs, forums, websites, social media, review websites, etc. The question you want to ask yourself is if you want to have stock photography represent your business in El Dorado Hills or if you want professional photography of you and your actual business. If you are located in El Dorado Hills and looking for business photographer in El Dorado Hills, look no further than Front Street Media.

Stock Images Vs. Photography

Adam Murray - Pacific Coast Iron
In-House Business Photography
Stock Images Vs Photography
Stock Images

Do I need to say more?

My theory behind Stock Photography and SEO

Stock photography can enhance your overall web design and appearance, however if you are looking to rank 100-200 pages with a handful of stock photography images you are going to have some issues.

  • Stock Photography can get expensive ($1 – $20 a picture)
  • Stock Photography is widely used
  • The Search Engines have already seen that (Nothing New)
  • The Search Engines have already indexed that (Multiple URLS)

The main problem with Stock Photography IMO (In My Opinion) is that the search engines have already seen and indexed your stock photography 100 times!! This stuff is seriously getting old to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When I think of stock photography in a search algorithm, I can hear the indexing bots now “Really, another stock ABC Plumbing Photo”.

Take the Time to either take good iPhone pictures or Hire a Photographer

You don’t have time, that’s right. Well make the Time! This is your business we are talking about and you probably want your business tot succeed right?

If you at least take the time to take quality images with your android or iPhone, you can get some pretty quality images that look great on the web. If you really don’t have the time to go to each and every project you have completed and take a couple pictures, just hire a good photographer in El Dorado Hills for you SEO campaign and photography to get it done right the first time.

  • iPhone/ Smart Phone Photography for SEO
  • Professional Photography for SEO

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