The Future of Buying Industrial Tires

An Ecommerce Website that Changed the Game!

Monster Tires Rubber Tracks Review and Overview of Website Design

With the ever growing need for growth and future production of our world comes construction. With new construction projects all over the globe, the need for construction equipment tires and rubber tracks is growing as well. A local company by the name of Monster Tires (Located in Placerville, CA) has changed the face of the game in creating a unique buying experience when it comes to industrial tires.

Monster Tires was developed when two heavy equipment operators looked at the tire buying experience online and noticed a need for change. With such an old school “non tech- savvy”  industry (Construction Equipment and Heavy Equipment), the tire buying experience across the board was sub-par at best. With an idea to create an Ecommerce Website Design project that would change the game forever came a lot of work and big responsibility.

The Old School way of buying Industrial Tires online

The old way of buying industrial tires online was simply a pain in the “you know what”. Sure, many websites across the internet sold tires online but literally no company had an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) set up with an option to checkout through the website. You can see how this would become a pain to deal with when buying tires.

Each time you needed a new set of backhoe tires, skip loader tires, skid steer tires or even motor grader tires, you had to pick up the phone, call one of these old school companies and check to see if they had your tire in stock. Not only did you have to call and wait, you also had to fill out a sheet of paper with your information on it and FAX it back over. That’s right… FAX it back over. Who does that these days?

Ecommerce Website for Industrial Tires & Rubber Tracks

With this new idea of creating the Ecommerce website that would change the game, came hours and hours of hard work. Monster Tires developed a full blown Ecommerce Website Design project that would revolutionize the way people bought tires and rubber tracks online. Monster Tires developed two main categories on their website; Tires and Rubber Tracks. In each of these categories, you can select your make of heavy equipment and then select your machine model. Once you have selected your make and model, you simply choose whether you want two (half set) or four tires (full set). After you have selected your industrial tire or rubber track options, you simply add the products to your shopping cart (just like a normal Ecommerce website) and checkout using a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) server.

The Future of Buying Industrial Tires online

Monster Tires has pretty much revolutionized the way contractors, home owners and foreman’s are purchasing tires and rubber tracks online. There may be a shift in the demographics of the “old-school” guys still buying heavy equipment tires through faxing paperwork but the future generations of contractors are getting more and more internet savvy. This means that more and more, the younger generation will demand the ease of use that Monster Tires has put together. This is just one example of a great Ecommerce website design project and marketing strategy that one company saw a gap in. They put together something amazing and capitalized on a market where the trends and growth are shifting to a younger population. Just take a look at their industry to see the difference between them and their competitors.

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