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WordPress Hosting, CloudFlare Hosting & Website Maintenance El Dorado Hills, CA

Domain names and hosting are needed for every website design project no matter how big or small. We use many dedicated servers, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Shared Servers and previously, we would recommend GoDaddy for hosting. Moving forward, we use various hosting methods because every website is different. Some websites can get away with GoDaddy Hosting while other sites would not be able to perform on these servers.

As your local resource for Starter Web Design, Ecommerce Website Design and Web Hosting in El Dorado Hills, Folsom and the foothills of Sacramento, we can work with any hosting service you can imagine. From Network Solutions to GoDaddy, SiteGround with CloudFlare enabled and much more, we are familiar with it all. Brenan Greene works with all Major Registrars and Hosting Providers. If you already have a hosting account, we can transfer everything over to a new server for you and host with your registrar or server of choice.

We recommend using a well-known company to host with as their customer service is far better than private companies which can, and do dissapear after a while. This will leave you and your business stranded.

Domain Names

When looking for your domin name, make a list of possible names you would like to use. Using your business name is generally the best idea but have some backup names in case someone else has already taken it. .COM is the most wanted and common ending but you can use others like .INFO, .ORG, .BIZ etc.. buy any other domain names you would like. You can buy them all if available and we can point them all over to one domain for you.

You can also hyphenate between words, but remember keep it simple and easy to spell. The more complicated the word or length can really make it hard for people to type in your URL. Keeping your URL’s clean and simple is also an important factor when it comes to your brand and your brand’s identity.

Website Hosting

Hosting is the hardware/ software platform where your website files are stored. Without hosting, your site can’t be displayed. With the hosting comes other features you need and want such as Email. This is we will create your custom business email account (yourname@yourbusiness.com). With all hosting plans and packages, we want to pick the hosting package that fits your business needs best.

Different Types of Hosting Packages (Basic from GoDaddy/ HostGator/ BlueHost)

  • The Deluxe package comes with email, Unlimited Bandwidth, and the capability for hosting one or multiple sites so you can save money by paying one hosting fee by far the best deal.
  • The Ultimate package comes with email, Unlimited Bandwidth, and the capability for hosting one or multiple sites. The main extra feature to protect your site comes in this package and that is Malware Scanner, keep your site safe from trojans and viruses.

Get the service for as long as you need. The longer period of time you buy the better the deal you get. Generally 1 year or longer is the best deal and most benificial to your business so you don’t have to think about it.

Enhanced Hosting Solutions for Your Business

We’ve added new features to all our hosting plans, put together a new high-performance Managed Hosting plan, and created a super-valuable Core Maintenance option. Over the next few days, we will be sharing some exciting changes that are happening over here with Brenan Greene in El Dorado Hills. We’ve added new features to all our hosting plans, put together a new high-performance Managed Hosting plan, and created a super-valuable Core Maintenance option (more on this later).

We have brand new hardware, and its really, really fast. You’re coming in at a great time, all our new hosting clients are being set up on our brand new server hardware! This is no ordinary hardware though; these servers will be sporting cutting-edge Intel processors, DDR4 ram, and – this is what we are most excited about – NVMe flash memory drives.

We are excited because these new drives are ridiculously capable; with read speeds of 3,000 MB/s and 185,000 IO/s, they’re literally the fastest drives we have ever used. Compared to traditional, mechanical drives, NVMe’s are in a league of their own.

Really, there is no comparison. Just for fun though, let’s compare them:  Here’s the best part, you don’t have to do anything special or know any secret handshakes, every single Brenan Greene hosting client benefits from our super-fast NVMe drives. If you’re interested in having us host your site, don’t worry about the migration; we’ll move it for you. In case you were wondering, we always strive for zero-downtime migrations.

Just the other day, we shared how excited we are about our new hardware, in case you missed the message, TL,DR: New, crazy-fast hardware = faster website for you. Today we would like to share our new security initiative: We are taking a stand and making our entire environment 100% SSL encrypted and secure. Here’s what we’re doing to ensure that your, and your client’s, data and privacy are secure and protected:

1. 100% SECURE ENVIRONMENT. SSL will now be included on ALL accounts

Security is huge, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, all the biggies, have publicly stated that they want to “encrypt the web”. We value security, and your privacy, and feel that we should join the charge by encrypting every single website that we have the privilege of hosting. We will have a 100% encrypted hosting environment! Here’s an interesting article about how SSL impacts SEO: https://ahrefs.com/blog/ssl/

2. Our new infrastructure will no longer support insecure, server-sent email

In the olden days, contact forms would be sent using PHP’s “mail()” function. The sender would be your web server, not an individual person. Unfortunately, this submission method is inherently insecure; in fact, servers which allow the “mail()” function are constantly under attack by hackers. If a hacker or group of hackers managed to gain access, usually through an insecure plugin, they can send thousands and thousands of messages from the server. This will cause the server, and domain name, to land on scores of blacklists. Being blacklisted is no fun; email servers refuse your messages, clients can’t reach you… it’s a big, expensive headache, which can take weeks to clean up.

Recently, we began using a more secure protocol called SMTP to send these forms. Configuring your website to use SMTP is usually not very difficult, in fact, most modern content management systems already support SMTP. To get started simply enter your email authentication information, tweak a setting or two, and that’s that.

If you have questions or need help configuring your website to use SMTP, please contact our Professional Services team with Brenan Greene. Our goal is to provide the fastest and most secure web hosting you have ever experienced. In order to reach our goal, we must embrace new, more secure, access methods.

After our migration, accessing your website files directly, through SFTP or SSH, will require using an SSH Key. While this is a significant change, it’s not difficult to deploy. 9 times out of 10, you can still use your favorite FTP program; you’ll just login with a personal and unique SSH key, rather than a username and password.

If you need help setting up an SSH Key, our support team would be happy to walk you through the process. Just send an email to us at any time.