What is AMP

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are Google’s answer to Apple News and Facebook’s instant stories. AMPs are pages that are not only optimized for mobile viewing in terms of layout, but also in terms of the scripts they run and the additional page elements they have.

While many desktop sites feature ads and scripts to either boost revenues to the site or to enhance the user experience, these ads and scripts can be annoying when they appear on mobile sites. They often slow down the mobile browsing experience and make it hard to read articles or view pages.

No one likes opening up a mobile page and have it take forever to load. It is also annoying to open up a mobile page and have pop ups distract you from the page you are trying to read. Even if you have a responsive page (meaning that it automatically formats itself to the size of the device where it is being viewed), a slow or clunky page may turn your visitors away or discourage them from visiting your site.

Accelerated mobile pages give readers a beautiful, clean interface to look at. They don’t have ads popping up on their screens. They load fast (hence the name) because they don’t have extra scripts running in the background. They are often minimalistic, with just the text of the article that visitors are reading, with an occasional image.

Why you need Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you want to gain loyal followers, readers, and customers, you need to make their experience on your website great. That means you need accelerated mobile pages.

Accelerated mobile pages just simplify each page of your site, when viewed on mobile, to ensure that your readers had a great experience when they visit your site.

You could leave the extra stuff in, run all the scripts in the background, and have ads pop up in front of your pages so that customers have to click away from them to be able to read the article they clicked on in the first place. But the danger of doing this is that your readers are a lot more likely just to stop following you if you annoy them with ads and slow-loading pages.

If you want happy, loyal followers and readers, you need to give them a reading experience that will make them want to come back for more. This is a lot more than creating catchy, click bait headlines. It is also about making it so that they are happy to be on your site and that they associate your site with an enjoyable reading experience.

What is your goal with your site?

What is the reason you have your website? What do you want your customers to do? Some websites base their business model on viral content, and they monetize it using ads. They get their traffic via catchy, clickbait titles, often from social media. It doesn’t matter to them if their readers get annoyed with their pop up ads or slow load times because they aren’t aiming for loyal readers. They are just aiming for sensational stories that will go viral and be shared thousands of times.

If you are here, reading about ways to make your website more appealing to your audience, this is probably not the type of website you have. The other website model does depend on gaining loyal readers. If you are selling a product, a service, or even subscriptions to your content, the most important thing for you is to give your readers a great reading experience on your site, no matter whether they are reading you on a desktop computer or on their phone.

What accelerated mobile pages can do for you

If you are one of the many website owners who actually needs a loyal fan base, and not just clicks to get your advertising revenue, then you need accelerated mobile pages. Your readers deserve to be able to read your content in a clear, uncluttered format that looks beautiful, with pages that load quickly and without the annoyance of pop up ads. Let us build your accelerated mobile pages for you and watch your fan base explode with people who come back to your site over and over for the content they want to read!